Qualified Capital Providers

Fund a C-PACE Project

Connecticut maintains an “open market” approach to its C-PACE program, encouraging private Capital Providers to be the primary financier of these assessments. Any lender interested in offering C-PACE financing must become a Qualified Capital Provider through the C-PACE Program. Instructions to register can be found here.

Qualified Capital Providers receive information regarding C-PACE financing opportunities through the Green Bank and pertinent information about the Program.

Qualified Capital Providers can also directly offer C-PACE financing to building owners in Connecticut. The Green Bank has outlined this process in a Standard Offer, which lays out the key material terms between Capital Providers and the Green Bank as the program administrator. The Standard Offer includes an option for a credit enhancement from the Green Bank. Interested Capital Providers should Contact the Green Bank for more information

Capital Providers currently offering C-PACE financing directly to building owners are below. The Connecticut Green Bank also offers several options to finance C-PACE projects. Click below for more information!.